A lifetime project.

After more than two decades, BMI is widely renowned as a world class consulting firm.

Our firm now has a superb team of experts with solid academic background and impressive professional experience. I am extremely proud to serve them every day.

Together, we are solving some of the hardest organizational challenges of this time. Our lasting impact on companies ultimately fostered our reputation as one of the best trusted advisory teams for board rooms and C-suite executives.

Strategic foresight, organization redesign and leadership upskill shall all be integrated to really craft excellence. That is our passion and distinctive intellectual strength at BMI.

I have always believed that large enterprises and institutional investors have the responsibility and power to transform governments and societies. Capital and technology should be used to ignite innovation and sustainability on behalf of better social and environmental standards for everyone. That’s something worth fighting for.

That’s why BMI has been supporting courageous leaders to set the tone from the top.

I am profoundly committed with this journey.


Daniel Augusto Motta, PhD
Founder and CEO