Extra! Extra! Virus Conspiracies!

March 13, 2020

Conspiracy theories had already been more thought- provoking!

Who was the responsible for the poisoning? Who was the idealizer of the blow? Who was the murder? Who planned the robbery? Why did occur the betrayal?

At last, History is full of these dramatically, cloudy, intoxicating histories.

I confess that the world of digital fake news reduced a lot the glamour of the conspiracies, mainly because conspiracies have been developed primordially with one person whispering into the other's ear, and not in posts with millions of likes and sharings. Conspiracy is no longer something private, with many suspecting, but few having some notion of the truths of the facts. It became somewhat banal: conspiracy is being commoditized; ephemeral.

Coronavirus is the star of the moment! It dislocated Madona, closed the Disney, has remained in Twitter leadership more than the last Saga of Star Wars film, terrified billionaires and laborers, and cancelled ticket office of the show business and of the business show. Incredible!

I have already written here what I really think on the phenomenon:  Please read here.

Then in this article, I allow myself to collude with the most recent theories of the conspiracy, that today cover the infinite digital corridor of the social networks even before the original authors finish the sentences with exclamation point!

At the end of the fantastic list, you can have your own vision of some people’s conspiracy for the human purposes or you can go ahead in your special day-to-day believing that flu breakouts are natural consequences of urban agglomerations in low conditions of hygiene…


This version proclaims that coronavíIus is a mere pipe of assay for biological tests of the powerful Chinese government in preparation for a quiet version of Great Worldwide Wars. After all, why spending with steel, oil and soldier, if some sneezes already cause so much collapse in the enemy front?


This version affirms that U.S.A., and probably Europe and Japan, have interest in mitigating the Chinese supremacy all over the world, rebelling everybody towards the Chinese authorities imperfections in keeping their own sanitary problems, contaminating people of the world, and also being responsible for deaths in several places of the planet.


We only know the thousands of people with symptoms and the thousands already dead, but we do not know yet anything about the millions of people infected all over the world, on whom the virus are now incubating and quietly developing for a new lethal jump. The next viral wave, already counting on the success of the first front of combat, will be still more lethal.


The world is even more broken up in xenophobic tribal movements, stimulated by radical populist governments that blame foreigners for domestic imperfections: Trump and Brexit are products of the same movement. Coronavirus was stimulated by extreme right governments to really increase the segregation of people, destroying the international flows of commerce and people, returning the economies to their domestic realities.


The Biotechs have created coronavirus and other pathogens as advertising campaign for their wonderful development projects of the new scientific boundary. It is only one more commercial dispute among the incumbent controller companies in the current illness market and the newcomers powdered by risk capital and interested in acting on new segments.

And to conclude this article, I quote the genius lyric of a son called Maluco Beleza (Crazy Beauty) written by Raul Seixas, a Brazilian composer and singer with free translation into English:

The Day when the Earth Stopped

Tonight I had a dream

Of a dreamer

Crazy that I am, I dreamt

With the day when the Earth Stopped

With the day when the Earth Stopped

It is like this

On the day when all people

Of the entire planet

Decided that anybody should leave home

As it had been agreed in all


On that day, nobody left home, nobody, nobody

The employee did not leave to work

As he knew his employer was not there

Housewife did not leave to buy bread

As she knew the baker was not there

And the policeman did not leave to arrest

As he knew the thief was not there

And the thief did not leave to steal

As he knew he did not have where to spend it

And in the Churches there were no bells to ring

As they knew there was no followers there

And the followers did not leave to pray

As he knows the priest was not there

And the student did not leave to study

As he knew the professor was not there

And the professor did not leave to teach

As he knew there is nothing else to teach


Daniel Motta is the Founder and CEO of BMI Blue Management Institute, a leading niche consulting firm. He is a global thought leader focused on culture, strategy and leadership. He has a PhD in Economics, MSc in Financial Economics and BA in Economics. He is also an OPMer from Harvard Business School. He is the Managing Director of USA-based VC company White Fox Capital and the Senior Tupinambá Maverick of bossa&etc. He was a co-founder of Brazilian Society of Finance. He currently serves NGO UNIBES as Strategic Planning Principal. He is the author of the best selling books Essential Leadership and book Anthesis. He also has three articles published by Harvard Business Review. He is a Board Member of MASP.