Meet your new coworkers: ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and Bard

February 14, 2023

In the history of humankind, in different contexts, the same phenomenon repeats in cycles: the force of the technological-scientific innovation meets the reaction of public opinion and the maintaining authorities. It is just like that. The same hype that delights and dazzles, also frightens and corners.

Every technological-scientific breakthrough is neutral by definition; their uses, in turn, take on different connotations depending on ethical and moral codes.

ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion and Bard are on the crest of the current media wave. They will eventually land on some plateau – perhaps configured as a new paradigm, perhaps incorporated as something more instrumental-operational.

For now, whether for unpretentious curiosity, whether for entrepreneurial boldness, this new class of generative artificial intelligence promises to produce original content by synthesizing data, text, videos and images. Passionate reactions have spread everywhere – from the peer review process in scientific periodicals, to youths’ school desks.

Right away, alarmist voices have already proclaimed the demise of some professions, others even more fatalistic are resigned to the apocalypse for homo sapiens. In some corners of the planet, spiritual currents have already emerged around the worship of artificial intelligence in itself as a divinity: even God is becoming synthetic in the interesting time we live today.

So, what truly lies ahead as a new phenomenon?

Here, I highlight three essential aspects that seem to me beyond the ephemeralities.

1. Synthetic organizations. The digitalization and digitization process takes even greater strides automating routines, enriching data, adding accuracy to analyses, and supporting humans. The growing use of generative artificial intelligence will greatly increase the collective decision-making capability and the efficient scalability of operations.

2. Fewer codes and data, more natural language. The evolution of the new technological generation accelerates even more the abstraction of computing into a more fluid and organic paradigm. Ubiquity will be achieved gradually, as the frontiers between synthetic and human, machine and organic, disappear. The democratization of the indiscriminate use of generative artificial intelligence will shorten the distances between technologists and managers.

3. Exponential creativity. Lavoisier had already enunciated a long time ago that, in nature, nothing is created or lost, but rather transformed. In the social context, in turn, the creative unicity has always been something small-scale, even accidental. Scalability has always been associated to the standardization of processes and systems immediately following ingenious creative outbursts. Generative artificial intelligence does not threaten authentically human expressions; it only adds breadth, diversity and speed.

On the crest of the wave, still all types of predictions against its nexus. As in all innovation waves, time will be very important to qualify and measure the impact of this “new” technology.

Yet one thing seems certain... it appears to be something very transformative.


Daniel Augusto Motta é Managing Partner e CEO da BMI Blue Management Institute. Doutor em Economia pela USP, Mestre em Economia pela FGV-EAESP e Bacharel em Economia pela USP. É Alumni OPM Harvard Business School. Atua também como Managing Partner da corporate venture capital WhiteFox sediada em San Francisco (EUA), como Senior Tupinambá Maverick na content tech Bossa.etc e com Membro do Conselho de Administração da Afferolab. Também atua como Diretor de Planejamento Estratégico da UNIBES e Membro do Conselho Deliberativo do MASP. Foi Membro-Fundador da Sociedade Brasileira de Finanças. Foi Professor nos MBAs da Fundação Dom Cabral, Insper, FGV, ESPM e PUC-SP. É autor de diversos artigos publicados por Valor Econômico, EXAME, VocêSA e Folha de São Paulo, e também tem três artigos publicados pela Harvard Business Review Brasil. É autor dos livros best-sellers A Liderança Essencial, Anthesis e Data Insights.