Panel- Human Capital after Covid-19

April 15, 2020

We have just transmitted the #live#CapitalHumano após#covid19#perspectiva estratégicas

Panel Participants:

@Daniel Motta -"HR has gained empowerment, to keep this relevance will have to be a reference inside the company and be the coordinator agent of changes. In the ambiguous and uncertain scenarios that we are living, the hierarchy needs to be flexible to value adaptability, but we cannot give up Governance and Compliance".

@Ana Paula A Chagas - "Boards need to have more Diversity, including new skills, such as agility, Human Capital, innovation, digital transformation, different generations, and ways of thinking, and sustainability. EESG - Economics, Environment, Social and Governance, and what a professional and well-structured Board needs to implement!”

@Sofia Esteves - "It is time of revisiting, searching within the self-knowledge if it is time to change career or not. We need to understand the changes that the Pandemic imposes on ourselves, observe the competition union. For all these reasons, consultancies gain more importance in this moment of crisis.”

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Virtual event held by BMI Blue Management Institute with the media support by Antena 1 radio station, Reserva Filmes Production.