April 9, 2020


The financial market uses the TINA expression (THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE) to describe critical moments in an almost perfect negative correlation among assets at systemic crisis moments. There is no escape valve, no safe port. Losses are generalized and acute everywhere. No way out!

Black swans create this systemic shock environment, with low capacity of anticipation due to a tiny probability that the fact occurs. Contingency plans, not drawn in the traditional risk matrices, are created live and in color. Leaderships are called to act in contexts never lived before, managing resources and people with a lot of stress and pressure to deliver results. Capital markets collapsed in abrupt falls, governments are called to intervene with the increase of expenses, investments and reduction of taxes.

TINA TURNER was one of my favourite singers in the 80s and 90s golden years.

I remembered her at this acute moment TINA! THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE!

TINA TURNER also invites us to evaluate the expression TURNAROUND, typical of changing processes management, usually associated to critical moments of the organization. Thus, the TURNER is exactly this impetus of turning to face TINA moment!

TINA TURNER is a perfect sequency! Once realizing the dead end of the situation, you find the overturn for an unusual exit.

The drama of this process TINA TURNER is the intensity of the change management required by the organization to surpass its immediate challenges and undertake the medium to long term paths.

Change management has usually two axles: mobilization origin and movement intensity. The mobilization origin can be PROACTIVE (something idealized, desired and undertaken by the proper organization) or REACTIVE (something reactive to external impulses, normally adverse ones). The movement intensity can be INCREMENTAL (a gradual improvement in processes and already known projects) or STRUCTURAL (a true rupture with the current modus operandi).

Then, there is a quadrant (consulting adores 2x2 matrices):





Naturally, the difficulty level is worse from the EVOLUTION to REVOLUTION direction. Ambiguity and complexity increase a lot as change becomes more intense. And sensations as victimization, anxiety, frustration, fragmentation and fear are frequent in these situations.

The antidotes pass by the combination of collective learning and social agreement. From one hand, the collective learning provides this appropriate and favorable psychological insurance for the authentic demonstration of vulnerability that fortifies the bonds in favor of a positive agenda. From the other hand, the social agreement involves alignment, mobilization and commitment in direction to the inspired intention that awakes courage and awakening, beyond the known comfortable environment and of the threatening journey proposed to the group.

THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE! Change is the only viable possibility in face of the crisis.


Daniel Motta is the Founder and CEO of BMI Blue Management Institute, a leading niche consulting firm. He is a global thought leader focused on culture, strategy and leadership. He has a PhD in Economics, MSc in Financial Economics and BA in Economics. He is also an OPMer from Harvard Business School. He is the Managing Director of USA-based VC company White Fox Capital and the Senior Tupinambá Maverick of bossa&etc. He was a co-founder of Brazilian Society of Finance. He currently serves NGO UNIBES as Strategic Planning Principal. He is the author of the best selling books Essential Leadership and book Anthesis. He also has three articles published by Harvard Business Review. He is a Board Member of MASP.